Steel number and representation

Recycled plastic base, sometimes we smelled a foul odor, and raw materials has a direct relationship. The following is a good example.
a production of PP-renewable business bought 10 tons of sulfur raw material bag, raw materials and good, the price is reasonable. But after coming back, and other white bags of raw materials together, wait until the cleaning better, granulating machine, there is a problem. A pungent smell of people breathing hard, continuous ventilation ventilation is not made out of particle foam. Can only be discontinued, all the ingredients in a second, clean and prolong the soaking time, and finally recycled particles. Situation has improved, but grain is still foaming, leading to 40 tons of particles of all materials on the sites made all kind of foam, and a little taste. Reduced sales price. User back using, drawing easy to break, and the smell, can mix using other materials, even plastic products surface finish are up to! The predictable results!
category II: a PE grain processing plant, a chemical raw material packaging film, pull it back a few days and found that stacking the material around the grass and all the dead. Don't pay attention to cleaning, next to the small number of sewage flow into the fish ponds, thousands of fish all white on the belly up. There are serious consequences! Category III: the processing plant on the River, and into the more than 10,000 bags of raw materials of the printing and dyeing mill, thought to have little effect, but paint is very powerful, four-hour cleaning well, he made 100 m channel slowly change color, good reporting telephone environmental testing of arrived! Pellet manufacturers be sure to note in recycled raw materials, pungent and poisonous and harmful chemical raw materials for plastics packaging, must be clear, can produce! Otherwise, serious environmental pollution, and would be at a loss!