Stainless steel identification method

Steel of number and said method
① with international chemical elements symbol and national of symbol to said chemical ingredients, with Arab letters to said ingredients content:
as: China, and Russian 12crni3a
II with fixed bit number digital to said steel class series or digital; as: United States, and Japan, and 300 Department, and 400 Department, and 200 Department;
③ with Latin and order composition serial number, only said uses.
China of number rules
① used elements symbol
II uses, and Hanyu Pinyin, open hearth steel: p, and boiling steel: f, and calm steel: b, and methyl class steel: a,, and T8: Special 8, and gcr15: ball
collection knot steel, and spring steel, as: 20crmnti 60simn, and (with was of several said c content)
stainless steel, and alloy tool steel (with thousand points several said c content), as: 1cr18ni9 1 per thousand (that 0.1 %C), stainless steel c ≤ 0.08%
0cr18ni9, ultra-low carbon c ≤ 0.03% 0cr17ni13mo
stainless steel marking method United States the iron and Steel Institute was marked by triple-digit standard wrought stainless steel. Where:
① austenitic stainless steel with 200 and 300 series number,
II ferritic and Martensitic stainless steel 400 series numbers. For example, some more general of Austrian's body stainless steel is to 201, and 304, and 316 and 310 for mark,
③ iron pigment body stainless steel is to 430 and 446 for mark, horse's body stainless steel is to 410, and 420 and 440c for mark, double phase (Austrian's body-ferrite),
II stainless steel, and precipitation hardening stainless steel and containing iron volume below 50% of high alloy usually is used patent name or trademark named.
4)。 Standard of classification and grading
4-1 grading:
① national standards GB
II industry standard Yb
③ place standard
II enterprise standard q/CB
4-2 classification:
① products standard
II packaging standard
③ method standard
II based standard
4-3 standard level (points three level):
y level: international advanced level
i level: international General level < BR/>h: the domestic advanced level
gb1220-84 stainless steel bar (level I)
gb4241-84 stainless steel welded plate (h class)
gb4356-84 stainless steel welded plate (level I)
gb1270-80 stainless steel pipe (I)-
gb12771-91 stainless steel welded pipe (y)-
gb3280-84 stainless steel plate (level I)
Gb4237-84 stainless steel hot plate (level I)
gb4239-91 stainless steel cold Strip (level I)