See how foreign domestic waste treatment waste

Spam, what is closely related to the lives of everyone, no one do not throw garbage. However, in today's environment is increasingly bad, increasingly nervous energy, trash has become a global issue, because garbage is the only growth in the world's resources.
Next, we will look at all of the answer sheet.
first look at countries in the area of waste management "ideas."
"Ireland: Trash weigh first"
in China, only heard that recyclers would weigh much, but haven't heard of trash have to weigh paying. Ireland local administrations on public facilities and household refuse measurement or weight or bulk, trash must be paid according to the actual amount of garbage to clean up.
"Singapore: chewing gum to register"
Singapore since 1992, enacted some of the importation and sale of chewing gum ban. Not long ago, the Singapore Government has canceled a ban on chewing gum, chewing gum must first be registered, only registered users are entitled to chewing gum.
"Japan: a tedious waste"
each year in December, Japan's residents will receive a year of special "calendar": monthly date by yellow, green and blue in different colors to mark. In the "calendar" Note below note: each color stands for that which one day can throw rubbish. This "calendar", and in this year, according to the "calendar" date to throw different types of garbage.
and then take a look at all in the usual way of waste disposal. &Nbsp;  developed the urban domestic waste treatment technology has a history of decades, garbage treatment also changes with the technological and economic development, currently developed by garbage disposal includes landfill, incineration, composting, and recycling.
United States, and Canada and other countries is still dominated by landfill in the garbage disposal, but the number of landfills and landfill are greatly reduced, a single landfill of larger, landfill accounted for 60~70%, and higher proportions of recycled, about CK, remaining for incineration, accounted for about 10%.
Japan due to the size, population, economic development, its state of the life garbage treatment, that is, burning, accounted for more than 70%, a small amount of landfill associated processing methods such as composting and recycling.
Germany, and France to landfill as the main approach, develop technology, incineration at the present close to the landfill, and Germany has issued related regulations, from this year (2005), Germany will ban primary direct to landfill. In addition, composting or composting approach has been developed, and occupy a certain proportion.