Achieve maximum scrap value

21st, renewable resource of Jinan City Association President Zhu Ting told reporters, green, Jinan City, now under construction in communities they assist street establishment of Recycle Bin, recycle used after the establishment, they will assume the follow-up waste sorting and disposal.
"Recycle Bin recycle waste first enters the renewable resource of Jinan City Corporation's sorting center, classified according to the different nature of waste. "Zhu Ting said scrap preliminary sorting can be divided into direct and not directly use two categories. "Direct access to waste directly into the mix of market sales, is not directly used again deal with the waste. "
there are many waste management agencies, competition is fierce among each other. "But as a State-owned enterprise, we attach great importance to dealing with aspects of environmental protection and, when we deal with waste will also use more advanced technology, will scrap value referred to the highest. "Zhu Ting said. Fork Street Community of residents, says Ms Wang, everyone is now talking about green, but most of the time, as ordinary citizens, do not know what to do. "If the Recycle Bin which can keep the price of recycling, but also ensure that the recycling to green, then I must support. ”