About Us

Changsha Beverly recycling enterprises limited is a company committed to environmentally friendly products. We since its inception, been adhering to the "integrity, professionalism and service" business philosophy. We with itself on recycling industry of in-depth understanding and the service Shang of leading, Changsha China Lee waste recycling, and Changsha waste recycling, and Changsha waste recycling, and Changsha material recycling, and Changsha material recycling company, and Changsha waste recycling company, and Changsha waste recycling station, and Changsha waste acquisition station, and Changsha received waste phone, and Changsha second-hand recycling, and Changsha second-hand equipment recycling has became has high visibility of professional recycling servicers, has been focused Yu "treasure, and purification environment" of related exploration, System integration professional services and advanced processing technology, for the country's environmental protection, and make due contributions. Long-term-oriented factories, businesses, restaurants, discos, shopping malls, supermarkets, bars and other institution cash pick-up recycling all used factory equipment, used equipment and to undertake the building of plant building demolition projects. With our strong economic strength and abide by the principles of honesty, won the trust of many customers, and get a good reputation in the industry. Establish a stable cooperative relationship, as the business continues to expand and grow, the scope of partners has continued to expand.